Our LEXA II is an ARF (almost-ready-to-fly) partially pre-assembled model kit*. Only a few final steps are required to assemble the model. You can almost start mapping immediately.


Agriculture | photosynthetic activity, erosion
Archeology | reconnaissance, documentation
Mining | volumetrics, documentation
Soil science | erosion, soil properties
Forestry | photosynthetic activity, tree species analysis, documentation
Nature conservation | species distribution, documentation


Long flight times | 45 min
Low weight | 3.0 kg incl. battery, camera and stabilized gimbal
Easy transport | detachable arms and legs
Tool-free setup
Autopilot und mission planning
Easy mission planning | surveys, structure scanner Automatic take-off and landing
Automatic return to launch
Geo fence
Fail safes | RC signal loss, Battery voltage and capacity, GPS
Auto pilot and ground control station

We use PX4/Pixhawk based autopilots. Together with the ArduCopter firmware they provide an enormous flexibility.
We offer a tablet-based GCS using 3DR Tower for easy mission planning in the field.Coter_V4-2w1
Our system is optimized for single operators.



According to the design principles (long endurance and low weight) the LEXA II is more susceptible to wind compared to UAVs designed for high payloads.


We offer customized packages and will be pleased to prepare a quotation for you.
Options are: IR cameras, GoPro cameras, video transmission, flight case, gimbals for one or two cameras, training.
If you have special requirements please let us know.


* The UAVs we are selling are kits based on parts without own functions. Hence, detailed technical knowledge is a prerequisite to build, operate and use the UAVs. For testing purposes the UAVs are partially assembled but should be rebuild by the customer. If requested, we assist in assembling and provide training for operating the UAV.