Mavis 16.7

A new version of Mavis is available. Apart from small bug fixes and enhanced handling new pre- and postprocessing functions are included.


The new features comprise:


  • Support for AC 3.4 log files
  • Option to force all images to landscape mode

3D Mapping

  • Option to convert GPS ellipsoid height to geoid height based on EGM data
  • Enhancements in Orthomosiac generation


  • New Enhance function comprising
    • Stretching of luminace or color schemes
    • automated gamma correction
    • global and local contrast enhancements

Red Tabs

The red tabs section on the right side of the GUI is a new addition to provide pre- and postprocessing functions which require visual inspection and interaction with single images.


  • Removing cloud shadows from single images
  • Shadow1



  • Adjusting colors between two overlapping orthomosaics
  • Harmonize



  • Easy XYZ correction based on ground control points in postprocessing
  • GCP2

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