Mavis 17.01

Mavis 17.01 is available. Mavis provides color calibration using the X-Rite ColorChecker® Classic   Color calibration is required for consistent analysis of vegetataion indices as well as to adjust the white balance for scientific interpretation. Mavis provides calibation regadring the white balance or reflectance values for RGB data as well as different filters for...

Mavis 16.9.0

Mavis 16.9.0 is available. Amining to provide the best orthomosaics possible for your application, this release focuses on enhancements in orthomosaic generation. The methods implemented in Mavis comprise blending, locally adaptive exposure compensation and illumination correction. While blending is aiming at joining two neighbouring images seamlessly, exposure compensation corrects changes in the colors due...

Mavis 16.7

A new version of Mavis is available. Apart from small bug fixes and enhanced handling new pre- and postprocessing functions are included.

GPS accuracy and processing in Mavis

This is a short report about a survey campaign of several days with different copters and GPS. After processing the data of six adjacent flights in Mavis independently we analyzed positional accuracy.