Mapping and Visualization

Mavis is a UAV photogrammetry and mapping software covering the entire workflow from single UAV images to GIS ready maps. Mavis comprises precise georeferencing, on-site image analysis and stitching, image preprocessing, the generation of digital surface models and orthophotos, color post-processing, the computation of vegetation indices, as well as the generation HTML reports including WebGL 3D models.


Mavis provides georeferenced Orthomosaics
Orthomosaics and Digital Surface models form UAV imagery are generated using MicMac.
To provide Mavis at low cost we implemented a different but powerful feature detection approach as commonly used in MicMac to avoid high patent licensing costs.
To provide high quality orthomosaics we also implemented a different stitching approach compared to the standard MicMac version.
Digital Surface Models are the basis for generating the orthomosaics. However they can also be generated at coarser resolutions of 1/2, 1/4th, and 1/8th if required.

The data is stored as SAGA GIS raster data. Hillshade models are stored as grayscale *.png image files.

Surface Models

Mavis provides high resolution digital surface and hillshade models


Mavis provides precise georeferencing
Precise georeferencing is realized by a combination of Pixhawk/APM log file analysis and a specific CHDK script for Canon cameras. This combination allows to account for shutter delays with a precision of 10ms. It is also possible to handle missing images.

Data is projected to UTM.

For non CHDK enabled cameras the camera trigger information can be used for georeferencing. Images which are already geotagged can be used as well for further processing.
HTML reports can be generated after the DSM and the Orthomosaic are generated. The reports provide information about the flight, the mapping results and can be used to share the data.

A 3D WebGL model is generated and linked to the report. This is valuable for interpreting the data as well as to showcase the results.

An example of an archeological survey can be found here.


Mavis generates HTML reports and 3D WebGL models

Vegetation Indices

Mavis provides 15 Vegetation Indices
For single camera setups the filter type can be selected. Blue is for filters like the Schott BG3 or the Event38 NGB filter glass. Red is for filters like the Wratten 25 or similar.

For dual camera setups we'll provide a free tool to co-register the RGB and the IR orthomosaics.

All indices are provided as *.png image files with a specific legend applied as well as raw data in SAGA GIS grid format for further processing.

Look-up-tables can be used to apply individual color schemes.
Orthomosaics often require further processing for scientific analysis or interpretation purposes. Therefore Mavis provides various tools to enhance and manipulate colors (see 3rd column of the image on the left). Spatial filters can be used to remove noise (see 2nd column of the image on the left). This is especially useful to remove shading artifacts of soil surfaces before regression or other models are applied on the orthomosaic.

Color Manipulation

Mavis provides 15 color manipulation and image filters


Autopilot, Mavis, Cameras, etc.

Example Report

HTML report, 3D WebGL model

Mapping Guidelines

General setup, Camera trigger, Weather conditions, etc.

Manual I

The GUI, Preprocessing, 3D Mapping

Manual II

Color processing, Vegetation Indices, Reports

Manual III

Remove Shadows, Harmonize Orthomosaics, Ground Control Points


KAPTURE, APM setup, CHDK setup, Installation


KAPTURE, VI look-up-tables, Camera parameters


News, Information, Research




Legal Note


Mavis is distributed free of charge with our UAVs.
Mavis is currently in the final beta testing stage for regular distribution.
Introductory price: 649 € (excl. tax and shipping)
Please contact us for availability.


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